Great Realtors present their customers with a folder that includes all the facts on the property. It contains a printout of the property appraisers report, a competitive analysis on the home, a copy of your biography, brochures on the brokerage, and your marketing plan. If you go through this material with the customer, make it short and to the point.

Be amiable. Build a relationship. Don't focus on one, focus on all present.

Be courteous. Respect their privacy.

Most important is to listen to the customer. Let them talk and ask them questions.

DO NOT BE A JABBERJAW! It is very intrusive, annoying, and is not received well.

Set up the style of communication that works best for the customer. Email, text, or phone.

Be on time for all appointments. If you are late you are wasting your customers time and not being respectful of that time.

Dress for success but don't over do it to the point where the customer feels uncomfortable.

Work at your customers speed. Don't rush them or drag the showing on when they are ready to move on. Remember, everyone's time is worth a value that most likely won't be the same as yours.

If you do not know the answer let your customer know that you will get back to them with an answer as quickly as possible. Be confident, not unsure.