When you are arriving at your first appointment for a possible listing, take the time to really look at the vision of the homes portrait as it sits on the property. Is it presenting itself the best possible way? Does the home look very inviting? Is it wearing an old coat of paint that has been stained by constant water from sprinkler heads pointed in the wrong direction? Does it look clean and well maintained? Do the flower beds look tired because the mulch hasn't been refreshed in years and the weeds are taking over? Does the driveway need a pressure wash to remove years worth of stains caused by fluid leaks from cars? Have the bushes and trees been growing wile or have they been cut have and pruned to present themselves as well looked after?

The curb appear is the buyers first impression of the property and has a direct effect in setting their minds about the home. If the home presents itself well on the outside, they will walk into the home with a positive mind set. If the outside looks unattractive and uninviting, they will walk in with low expectations of the interior of the home.

The cost of improving the curb appeal will be minimal and the results will be monumental in the sale of the property. Think of the rewards that are gained when you are doing a job interview. If you dress to impress you make a better first impression to the person conducting the interview. Think of curb appeal as dressing the house for success.